Project Supervisor Construction Stage

Project Supervisor Construction Stage



Corribview Safety Services Ltd. have extensive experience in construction health and safety and can work with you to fulfil your safety, health and welfare responsibilities as whether the project is big or small with our PSCS services.

Project Supervisor for Construction Stage (PSCS) is a role which is legally required to be fulfilled on construction projects in Ireland under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Construction) Regulations 2013 which provides that a PSCS is legally obligated to complete a number of duties with regard to safety, health and welfare such as identifying potential hazards, organise co-operation between sub-contractors, and prepare a written Construction Stage Health and Safety Plan and appoint a Safety Advisor where more than 100 persons are employed on site.

A PSCS must be appointed where there is more than one contractor on site, where a particular risk is identified, where the work will last more than 3o days. While previously legislation from 2006 excluded those working on domestic building projects, all construction work on a domestic house which meets these criteria is included in the 2013 Regulations and have the same legal obligations under the safety, health and welfare legislation.

Service Breakdown

  • Development of Construction Stage Health and Safety Plans
  • Identification and Assessment of on-site hazards
  • Communicate and monitor safety management with regard to sub-contractors
  • Prepare and maintain a Project Safety file
  • Complete all legally required notifications
  • Co-ordinate Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Issue required directives to Designers, Contractors and others.

Advantages of our PSCS Services:

  • Full compliance with legal obligations
  • Reduces risk of costly claims and prosecution
  • Improve efficiency and reduce risk of accidents

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