Noise Monitoring Assessment

Noise Monitoring Assessment


The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Control of Noise at Work) Regulations 2007 places a legal duty on employers to undertake a risk assessment to ascertain whether employees are exposed to levels of noise that represent a risk to health. These risk assessments should be undertaken by a competent person. Corribview Safety Services Ltd. can assist with these risk assessments and where deemed necessary can carry out workplace noise assessments in conjunction with this legislation. Trained health and safety advisors can then advise on their findings in order to develop and update workplace risk assessments.

Service Breakdown

An initial assessment is made of the work area to identify noise sources. To quantify an operative’s daily noise exposure, a Type 1 integrated sound level meters and personal dosimetry is used. A detailed technical report is then prepared on the findings of the noise assessment and will show employee exposure rates for certain tasks and environments. It will also make recommendations on how to reduce the noise exposure levels.

Advantages of Noise Monitoring

  • Improve employee health and well being
  • Reduce noise induced hearing loss
  • Reduced accidents and incidents as noise at work can interfere with communications and make warnings harder to hear
  • Ensure compliance with legislation