C-19 Lead Worker Representative Training



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COVID-19 Lead Worker Representative Training: This Virtual Training course will inform the trainee how to carry out the role of the C-19 Lead Worker Representative in line with the Government, HSE and HSA recommendations on the management of COVID-19 including the Return to Work Safely Protocol. This is important to ensure the suppression of Covid-19 in the workplace.

The Protocol emphasises the need for coordination, collaboration and communication between employers and workers. Each have a shared responsibility to ensure safety measures are implemented and adhered to in the workplace. Each workplace is to appoint at least one ‘lead worker representative who, together with the employer’s COVID-19 Response Management Team, will be responsible for ensuring safety measures are being followed.

There should be a proportionate number of worker representatives for the number of employees. Worker representatives should be clearly identifiable and the employer should ensure they receive the necessary training to carry out the function.

Course Content
  • What is Corona Virus & key control measures
  • Role of the Employer and the Worker
  • Principles of good hygiene including hand washing and respiratory etiquette
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Social or Physical Distancing
  • Prevention of Cross Contamination and use of tools and equipment
  • Cleaning and waste disposal
  • What to do in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19 onsite?
  • Roles and Responsibilities of the C-19 Lead Worker Representative

Course Format

This training will be delivered online and requires a computer/device connected to the internet and is running on a web browser. The course contains audio so participants will require headphones or speakers plugged into the computer or device to listen to it.

Course Layout

The course covers 8 topics as required by the Covid-19 Specific National Protocol for Employers and Workers.

Course Certification

After completing all topics, participants will take an assessment to test their knowledge. Once each assessment for each topic is completed, participants can proceed to download a certificate of completion. This should be available for inspection if required.

Course Cost

65 Euro per person, funding available by Next Level Funding to reduce the cost to 35.75 Euro per person.

Group bookings can also be arranged, please email training@corribviewsafety.ie for more information.

Funding Eligibility

This course has been approved by Next Level Skillnet for funding. Next Level Skillnet members are given financial support with training costs (fee subvention) for their employees. This can be as much as 40% of the course cost.

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