Abrasive Wheels

Abrasive Wheels

Who Should Attend:
Anyone involved or using Abrasive Wheels

Participants per course:
Maximum of 10 participants

Course Duration:
4 Hours

Course Content:

  • Introduction – Course administration, Aims and Objectives
  • Legislation and Guidance – Hazards arising from use/ Accident Causation and Costs/ The requirements of the Regulations/ Advisory Literature
  • Wheel Selections – Discussion concerning materials (hard & soft), materials to be removed, work piece geometry, machine types, speed and feeds, wet or dry operating conditions and dressing methods.
  • Wheel Storage – Methods of Storage, handling and transporting wheels. Discussion concerning the effects of atmospheric working conditions, protection from shock loading, cushioning between wheels, support from bending and distortion, and shock rotation.
  • Wheel types – wheel size, shape, function and fixing methods.
  • Wheel Markings – methods of markings – type and speed. British Standards Marking System BS4481,
    denoting abrasive type, grain, grade or hardness and bond type.
  • Methods of testing and Inspection for Damage
  • Function of all components and the correct Method of Mounting and Balancing
  • Methods of Dressing and Abrasive Wheel
  • The adjustment of the rest

Participants, who successfully complete the course, will receive a course completion certificate. The certificate is valid for three years.

Course Cost:
Please contact a member of the Corribview Safety Services team for prices by simply using the Contact Us page on the website.